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First we had a phone call and then an office visit from Robert “Bob” Davidson, seen here with our author, Paul Holmes. It turns out Bob is the “unknown Hobie worker” shown in photos on pages 34 and 35 of our book “Hobie: Master of Water Wind and Waves”

“I really tried hard to find out who the person was fixing dings and polishing rails,” says Holmes. “The photos were emailed to several people who were working there at the time, but nobody could come up with a definitive ID.”

Bob didn’t know he was in the book until he recently bought a copy at the Hobie Surf Shop in San Clemente. It was his wife who first spotted the pics and said, “Hey, Bob, it’s you!” Says Bob, who recently retired from a career in law: “I only worked at Hobie’s briefly for two summers, but those are memories I’ll always treasure.”

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